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Imaginary Radio Stations is a project by three Slovenian music enthusiasts, DJs and artists, founded in Berlin. Its existence is as an expression of pure intent without fitting into flavor-of-the-week hype columns, purist approaches and associated microscenes. The aim is timelessness, always inspired by concrete ambients, settings and states of mind, beckoning the wandering ear to tune in. Its concept reflects the commodification and atomization of music culture. By blurring the lines between genres and styles, producers and consumers it mirrors a fragmented culture of innumerable acteurs where everyone curates their own imaginary radio.


CP-AK is a DJ and music enthusiast from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Born to a 2nd generation Slovenian family. After moving to Europe in his 2010, he eventually settled in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He got involved in the local electronic music scene and soon started working as a member of the music editorial in Slovenia’s cult Radio Student, one of Europe’s oldest and strongest independent and non-commercial urban radio stations. He soon started performing as a DJ, recording podcasts and playing at selected venues in Ljubljana. Co-created the Pelje music blog in 2014 with Tilen Sepic, industrial designer and creative. Co-founded Imaginary Radio Stations in Berlin (2017).


Evano is a DJ and electronic music producer from Ljubljana, Slovenia. His musical journey began back in 2004. A year later he co-founded an association for the development of electronic music in Slovenia called Phonotouch. In 2011 he started working with event agency and label Colours Music which opened him doors for his first international gigs.

Evano has released his music on Archipel, PHI, Pluie/Noir, Colours Music, Škuc Ventilator and Založba Radia Študent. He produced music and sound collages for Slovenian Theater Mladinsko in 2015 and ACUD Theater Berlin in 2016. His interest in sound collage, and music for theatre and dance performance, has recently found a home under the project AMOLAB. Co-founded Imaginary Radio Stations in Berlin (2017).

As a DJ with wide-reaching tastes and an ear for the unusual, Evano plays music for connoisseurs and those with a sense of adventure.


1983 was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He spent his formative years playing in punk bands, sparking his interest in playing and creating music. Enchanted by Detroit techno and electro around Y2K, he soon embraced influences from all across the musical spectrum, leading to the formation of various alter-egos to accomodate different output. Co-founder of Scienceofuse, an independent electronic music collective / record label (2006-2016) and the infamous Gumitwist club nights at the legendary Klub K4, co-shaping the Ljubljana electronic music scene from 2008-2016. Associated with the long-standing Chilli Space dub-techno / electronica event and compilation series (est.2002) as well as frequently appearing at Elektroliza, an influential electro night at club Channel Zero in Ljubljana. Over the last 15+ years he has played numerous DJ / live sets which makes him equally adept at dictating a sweaty dancefloor or curating a listening experience. Co-founded Imaginary Radio Stations in Berlin (2017).